Update for 2016

Hello all! I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to do a quick check-in before the year is out. My dad is doing excellent! He received his last labs about a week ago and all results remain stable and normal. His prostate remains in a range from 9-11 (which is stable enough for an okay on Gerson). He feels really good and looks really good as well. I just wanted to let you all know that this next year I wish you love, abundance, happiness and many, many smiles. Thank you so much for following our path as an alternative. I will keep you updated as we progress. Happy New Year! xoxo


After 5000 potatoes just a few more to go!

Dear friends,

We have been absent for a while, but would like to communicate that we are doing EXCELLENT. My dad is almost at the finish line and has just about 5 more months to go on Gerson Therapy. We have been busy getting settled into our new digs. His labs have come back normal and he is down to only 5 juices a day, 2 enemas, and a little more leeway on the diet front. He is happy and is even trying some alternative therapy. He is doing some acupuncture! Here he is enjoying some… For those that are curious about Gerson Therapy, give it a try! It may be just the thing for you! 🙂

Will this make me hear better???

Will this make me hear better???

Gerson Therapy in Chile

Dear all my lovely Going Gerson Friends,

Thank you so much for your patience. Since the last time I posted, several exciting things have happened to us. One of the biggest events in our lives is that we moved to Chile! Yes, CHILE! It has definitely been a bit of a stressor–especially since in the southern part of Chile we have had a difficult time getting all of the organic products we need for the therapy. We also had a bit of an obstacle importing some of the supplements, the coffee, and the oatmeal. HOWEVER, we finally did it.

In the process, my father has been off the therapy a good month. He has been eating as healthy as he can, but not anywhere near the rigorous standards of Gerson. His last labs from this past month came back with elevated glycemia, cholesterol, and sodium. His renal function is still optimal and his prostate indicator (PSA) has remained unchanged. Now, we are back on the therapy and hoping to get the basic indicators back down again before the end of the month.


Opening the first bottle of wine in Chile

August marks the first year of Gerson Therapy for us. At that point in time, he will need to get an scan of his kidney just to see what has happened to the size of his tumor. Fingers crossed! 🙂 More news to come.

PS. In the picture he is opening his first bottle of Chilean wine. He did NOT have any, so my mom and I enjoyed it for him. Here’s to my dad’s health. Cheers!

Note to Gerson Caretakers

Hello all! We have successfully completed 8 months of Gerson Therapy! YAY! Today I decided to sound off for all of the Gerson Caretakers out there (and for those of you considering embarking on Gerson Therapy). Three words: IT IS HARD. I cannot stress how very difficult it is to keep up with the demands of the therapy. My dad requires 10 juices, 3 special meals, 3 enemas, and 60+ supplements per day. EVERY DAY. I wake up at 6 AM everyday to start the therapy and we end at 7 PM Monday through Sunday. Yes, no weekends off. And that doesn’t count the amount of time spent at doctors appointments, locating supplements, and organic grocery shopping. So when people say to me, “So, how does it feel to not be working?” I want to vomit and retort, “How does it feel to only work your crappy 40 hours a week?” Yes, it makes me angry. But unless you are knee deep in it, there is no possible way you could understand. It is stressful, tiring, and emotional. But at the end of the day it is SO WELL WORTH IT! And this last fact is what keeps me going every day. For those of you that want to embark on this journey alone, I am humbled. And I admire you. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task and for you to do it alone, well, it just seems that much more so. I truly suggest you find help. At home there are a couple of us. My mom, who has been working her whole entire life at a meat packing plant thinks this is way more difficult. (!) We both get tired, irritable, and highly emotional. It is hard. Thank goodness for the days that we receive good news from dad’s lab reports. He has another one soon. We will keep you posted!

6 Month Labs/Examenes de 6 meses

Hello Everyone! I wanted to give you an update on my dad’s 6 month labs. We are SO excited! His labs came back EXCELLENT. As you all remember my dad was diagnosed with prostate and kidney cancer in June of 2012. After 6 months of therapy, his kidneys are at optimal function, his cholesterol and glycemia are finally down to normal levels. It took a while, but they are down. Yippee! AND his PSA is also down a couple of points. Slow and steady. He feels well and is happy with the results.

Hola a todos! Queria darles un adelanto de los examenes de sangre de 6 meses. Estamos super contentos de poder decirles que todo va bien y en progreso! Si bien se acuerdan, a mi papi le diagnosticaron cancer a la prostata y riñon. Sus examenes indicaron que sus riñones están funcionando en estado óptimo, su cancer a la prostata bajo en dos puntos Y sus niveles de colesterol y glicemia por fin bajaron dentro de lo normal. Estamos super felices por los resultados. A celebrar! 🙂

Potato bread/pan de papa

Here is my dad making potato bread with Gerson ingredients: potato and wheat and rye flour. YUM
Aquí esta mi papi haciendo pan de papa. RICO!

Making Potato Bread:
Here’s today’s easy recipe:

Boil potatoes, mash them and add flour to dough consistency. You can add salt, but on Gerson salt is a no-no. Enjoy!

Haciendo Pan de Papa:

Aquí les va un video de mi papi haciendo pan de papa. Es lo mas fácil que hay! Papa molida y harina. Listo!